Friday, 28 November 2008

The English Lessons in our school


In Italy to study English is very important. Now English is the international language. It is also very important for us, for young people that will be the future of society. For this motivation all the teenagers study English at school.


As all the other high schools, English is studied for five years. At ‘’Liceo G. Pellecchia’’ we study it for years. In our school it’s basic to know, to speak, to write, to read in English. For us the knowledge of this language is important because now, in this world, in this generation it is necessary to be able to speak with others and also to have a possibility to work. We have fantastic teachers in our school. They manage to render pleasant and interesting the studying of this subject.

The English’s lessons are or in the class-rooms or in the multimedia laboratory.

-image of our multimedia


In one hour of the week every class goes to the laboratory to use computers and to watch some documentaries or some films in English.

The lessons are very interesting and we have a perfect teaching.

Besides the study of English in our school there are opportunities to participate in projects in European contests. As teenagers we are very satisfied of this and we always do our best.

Now we think that to participate in European’s projects is most important to meet new people and other traditions, to have a presentation of the world where we live, to know thoughts, emotions of our contemporaries…we love participating in these activities!!!


Now we are at the first year of the sperimental course. The start is difficult but after some time it is easier. We like going to multimedia laboratories because we stay together, we speak together, we work together, we study together…we live together and this is fantastic. To stay together is important and to study English is a motivation for that. We have the desire to continue to meet,to connect with other teenagers and nations and a this is possible also with the studying English and with the participation in some projects….

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