Friday, 15 February 2008



1. What is the capital city?

2. What is the main language?

3. Where is the country placed in the world?
In Northern Europe

4. Who are the country’s neighbours?
Germany, Sweden and Norway

5. Is the country a kingdom or a republic?
A kingdom

6. Who is the prime minister of Denmark?
Anders Fogh Rasmussen

7. How many inhabitants are there in Denmark?
5.447.087 inhabitants.

8. What is the main religion?

9. Which is the surface of Denmark?
43.094 km2

10. Which is the currency that they use?
Krone (corona)

11. What is the name of the Danish flag?
Which colours are there on the Danish flag?
Dannebrog. It’s red with a white cross.

12. What is the main occupation in Denmark?
The agriculture.

13. What is the biggest lake in Denmark?
The biggest lake of Denmark is Gudena.

14. What is the name of our queen?
Margrethe II

15. Which country is closest to Denmark, Greece or Spain?

16. What is the name of our national song?
Der er et Yndigt Land (Hay una hermosa tierra)

17. What are the three biggest cities beside Copenhagen?
Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg

18. Are we a poor or rich country?
Denmark is a rich country.

19. What is the highest point of Denmark?
Mollehoj (170.86m)

20. What is the biggest forest in Denmark?

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