Sunday, 1 June 2008

Kokoretsi/ Plat traditionnel grec/Agneau a la broche

Kokoretsi , is a traditional Greek dish consisting mainly of seasoned lamb or goat offal.To make kokoretsi the most difficult part of the process is to wash the bowels (intestines) of the lamb.

The bowels should be washed thoroughly inside out. They are then washed and put in a bowl of water with either vinegar or lemon juice, they are washed again and turned around and washed for a second time.


The guts of two lambs including spleen, heart, lungs, sweetbreads etc.

2 caul fats

2 kilos of lamb bowels (intestines)


Salt and


The guts are washed and cut into small pieces, about
6 cm. After draining them we add salt, pepper and oregano and begin skewering them putting one of each kind, a piece of the heart, kidney, lungs etc. In between two or three pieces, some caul fat is added. When finished, wrap it in caul fat and pin one end of the first bowel in the one side of the souvla and lengthwise to the other side. You do this backwards and forward several times and then wind the intestine around the skewer. If the bowel reaches its end tie it with the end of the next bowel and continue to wind until all bowels are wrapped and no guts are visible.


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