Tuesday, 17 February 2009


The music I like

* I love pop music, because I can dance to it and this is a beautiful music.
* Today, I love Katy Perry, she has a beautiful voice and her songs are very interesting.
* Katy Pery was born on 25 october 1984 in Santa Barbara in California.
Her parents are ministers, she made a first album of Christian music in 2004.
She is married to Travis Mccoy, leader of the group Gym Class Heroes.
She made a new pop rock album in 2008 «one of the boy».
* I kissed a girl, hot'n'cold, mannequin, waking up in vegas, ur so gay are my favorite songs because they are rhythmic and the words of her songs are amusing.
* Her clothes are very coloured and sexy.
* Here are some sites for more information on Katy Perry and her song:
-Katyperry.com (vidéos and words of her songs)
-musique.ados.fr (vidéos and words of her songs)
-wikipedia.fr (for her biography and photographs)
Ophelie (france)

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