Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Music and I

My musical tastes
In the different style of music, I listen to variety, such as pop and a little of rock… Except the rap which I find too violent and the classical music which is, to my taste, boring. There is various music, for example, I like some songs of a singer or a group and other songs I don’t like.
The musical tastes of people on music are very different.
I also like solo of instruments like acoustic or electric guitar.

My ideas on the Music
The music is essential because it often gives cheerfulness to people.
Thanks to music, there is parties and pleasure.
Without music the world would be sad.
Thanks to music we can become famous (if we have a beautiful voice).
We can listen to music at home with Walkmans, ipods, CD players, in restaurants, in concerts, in movies, on the radio…
Each has the point of view on the music. The music expresses different feelings for each of us. It can represent the evasion, the sight of another world.
The music it is brilliant

The Artists
My favourite artists are the singers from the group High School Musical (Vanessa Hugden, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdal) and Hannah Montana.
High School Musical is a group playing in a series of 3 movies.
Among the singers of the group Vanessa is my preferred one.

Vanessa Hugden
Vanessa is born on December 14th, 1988.
She was discovered when turning in the legendary High School Musical.
At 19-year-old she has already recorded 2 solo albums.
She hopes to continue her career in the music, the dance and the cinema.

Hannah Montana
Hannah is 15 years old when she began to play in the American series “Hannah Montana” with her father. She sings and dances.
She hopes to continue in the music in the side of her father for the rest of her career.

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