Wednesday, 11 February 2009

La musique que nous aimons


Lil Wayne, whose true name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr (born on September 27th, 1982 in News-Orléans), is an American rappeur. Active since the middle of 1990s, it is particularly known for its trilogy Tha Carter, its squeaky flow and its nickname of « bigger rappeur living ».

Born on September 27th, 1982 in News-Orléans in Louisiana. Lil Wayne grows in a difficult environment. It has Haitian roots by his mother. It crossed its childhood in effect in the quarter having bad character of Hollygrove, in News-Orléans, He lived with his mother and his stepfather until the age of 16 years, epoch of the death of his stepfather, Reginald " Rabbit ".

Lil Wayne starts his solo career in 1999 with Tha Block simple percentage Hot, a first album sales of which achieve n°3 Billboard, double Disc of platinum).

After the timid reception of 500 Degreez and weak sales of Neva Get Enuf of 3LW on which it appeared in featuring, the solo career of Lil Wayne is in a poor pass. It is in the lowest of its career that Wayne writes Tha Carter (2004) .L' album enjoys a slower rhythm and a more grown-up, darker atmosphere. The tube ' Go Dj ' blows up sales of LP, which will pass in 878 000 copies in the United States and in more than a million worldwide. Tha Carter II gives the upper dimension to Wayne, definitely in the older children's playground.

Lil Wayne and T.I which collaborated together

Albums Studio :

* 1999: Tha Block Is Hot
* 2000: Lights Out
* 2002: 500 Degreez
* 2004: Tha Carter
* 2005: Tha Carter II
* 2008: Tha Carter III
* 2008: Tha Carter III: The Rebirth

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