Monday, 26 May 2008

Canteen food


In our canteen have we lots of food, we will tell you about the standard food in the canteen. Let’s start with the Foccacie.
The Foccacie is a piece of bread with meat or pepperoni on, and some cheese, and tomato on.
It’s a kind of a pizza, but not so big and not so good as a pizza, but it tastes O.K.
It tastes like a pizza but not as good as a pizza.

How to make a Foccacie


- 25 g. yeast
- 3 dl. Warm water
- 1 spsk. oil
- 1 tsk. salt
- 7½ dl. flour


- 75 g. cooked meat in small pieces
- 3/4 dl. tomato pure
- 50 g. cut mozzarella cheese
- 2-3 tsk. Oregano

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