Sunday, 11 May 2008

la nourriture chez les danois

Traditional Danish Christmas food – the recipe
Signs: kg. = kilograms
G. = grams
dl = deciliter

3 kg. fresh, clean duck
150 g. dried, prunes with out stones

3 Apples in big squares e.g. Cox Orange
A pair of fresh twigs thyme or rosemary
25 g. Soft butter

Brown potatoes
Put sugar on a pan, melt it, put small potatoes on and turn then in the sugar.

Clean the duck and, rub it in- and outside with salt. Fill the duck with prunes, apples and thyme or rosemary. Close the duck turn the wings back over so the duck rest on the wings. Brush it with a little bit of butter, put it in the oven and let it roast for an hour, in 160 degree. (Celsius)

Take it out; put the extra fat in a bowl, use it later to the red cabbage. Put the duck direct on the roasting pan. Put 4 dl chicken broth and roast on for about 2 hours.
Take it out, sieve and foam the gravy and put it casserole, use it for the sauce.
Put the duck in the oven, keep and eye on it until the skin is golden and crispy.

Cut the duck in reliable pieces. Serve the duck with sauce, red cabbage and brown potatoes

Foam the fat from the sieved gravy and add possible additional broth made from the carcass, so you all in all have around 6 dl.
Add ½ dl port or sherry or madeira, boil taste it, add possible extra salt and pepper. Thicken the sauce with sauce thickener.

The finish meal.

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