Monday, 26 May 2008

Food in the cantine – Carrot Buns

Ingredients: 

5½ dls. Lukewarm water

50 grams yeast

½ tsk salt Carrot Buns 

2 spsks oil

250 grams roughly grate carrot

1½ dl. Sunflowerseed

1 kilo flour

It all is mixed and is kneaded well।

Raises warmly and covered up with a tea towel about 1 hour. Formed to 24 buns. Distrubt on 2 plates. Let it rest in 20 minutes. The buns gets brushed and being baked on 210 ۫۫۫۫۫۫۫۫ in 20 minutes.
Now they are done.

We like to eat it, because it taste good and it is very healthy. The buns are healthy because there is vegetables in it. And our cantine sells that to the kids on the school.

Made by: Josef and Simon

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